Software Customization AND Software Customization

Customization lets users make their own selections about what they want to see, or set preferences for how information is organized or displayed. It can enhance user experience because it allows users to control their interaction. software  customization will generally produce the most efficient system as it is can provide support for the specific needs of the business, which might not be available in an off-the-shelf solution and will provide greater efficiency or better customer service.

We customize  Daniel web existing software to fit the desire of the client, for example modifying existing features and adding features 

We also customize third party software , meaning when a client comes with their own software  

We modify features and also Add features API integration

The upside of customization is that each user can get exactly what they want, because they are in control. The downside is that many users don’t know what they actually need and that most users are not interested in doing the work required to tweak the user interface to match their preferences.