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List of Danielweb MLM Demo

Note: some demos are still under configuration, please, contact us to send you the main features for each software. The content, the design, the price, the color theme can be changed on demand. Some features in the demo may not be operational for security reasons. But all the features will be active on the client ‘s website.

1- We do many types of websites including church websites, below, find  from demo 2, the list of demos for mlm, stockvel, peer to peer, investment software, which you can use to increase your earnings as a business man


2- Peer to Peer with upgrade 2 by 2 Matrix up to six levels 

Admin username is SuperAdmin and password is 123456789

Join, pay your upliner, introduce two people and move to the next stage

Note: we have a new software peer to peer where you join, you pay the upliner, the system introduces for you 6 people under you and you introduce 2 direct downliners and you move to the next stage with reward, it is a nice software member to member, details here the demo is here


3- 2 by 2 Matrix MLM System up to 8 stages with incentives

Admin link
username is admin and password is admin 
Member login link is

Username is testmember and password is janvier
Request videos for demonstration and a sample compensation plan.

This is a complete Matrix system with automatic incentives and many bonuses, it comes with a responsive front page website.

NOTE: many features are disable here for security reasons.

 Request videos for demonstration and a sample compensation plan.This is a complete Matrix system with automatic incentives and many bonuses, it comes with a front page website.

4- 2 by 2 Matrix MLM System up to 6 stages with incentives

Admin link username is admin and password is 12345678
Member login link:

username is testmember and password is 12345678


5-  Peer to Peer Investment system

Earn from two downliners which will be placed automatically under you. Join, pay and earn 100% interest from your investment. The system will place automatically a Feeder under you. Automatic and manual matching or merging. Admin login username is admin Password is z0fnc9
Member login username is testuser and password is ty4uy6

6- Investment plan

Invest and earn interest automatically uploaded  on the sub domain 

Email:   and password: test123 for user. While the admin dashboard is Email  and password is test123

click on login to access dashboard. 

7- Point and PV MLM Reward Program 

8- More MLM Software 

You may find here many other programs but without demos 

9- Matrix Multi Functions

With this software we can configure multiple mlm matrix plans to fit to your plan. Check it to see how complete it is inside the admin

Note: this software works only with php version 5.6, the system allows the admin to create matrix plans up to X levels, the new version of this software can be found on demo 18
Username is admin and Password is janvier

10-  Investment plan peer to peer with admin fee.

The company benefit is the admin fee. You invest and earn interest until you reach the maturity date, you have to pay the management fee before the system can place you in the list of beneficiaries then you will be merged.

Note: we are still uploading the demo, you may request the main features in the mean time.

11- Other software: We have many other software such as:auction software on request,school softwareclassified software for website directories.

12- New investment Script

Admin username: and password:  12345678
Member loginusername: and is 12345678

13- Investment Script ( sorry, we have to fix the demo of this script but if you want it, we can give you a fresh work.)

Buy Coins and Sell Coins and earn interests. Create your own crypto system where users can also buy and sell their coins. This is a peer to peer Auctions website with a powerful MLM Network. The script has many features including sms notifications

14-  Danielweb Peer to Peer Auctions

Dany Peer to Peer Auction and MLM

Demo 14

Test username as a coin owner: Daniel

Password 12345678

This is a combination of tools to make the site ready to host auctions in PEER to PEER system

15- Demo 15 peer to peer investment plan with admin fee and recommitment 

This system allows the admin to create packages and users will donate PH and receive profits depending on the duration configured by the admin.

Admin link

Admin username is administrator and admin password is 12345678

The admin may or not oblige users to pay the admin fee before members can be fully members.

Note: we do also have the same script but the difference is with NO PACKAGE. This one allows the admin to create packages, the other one gives a minimum and maximum amount to donate/.

16- Demo 16 –  Complete Investment System

password is client

check the member area to understand how big it is.

17-  Peer to Peer System with recommitment, no package and with admin fee

the user will donate between minimum and maximum amount

SAME LIKE DEMO 15 but this without packages

The link of the new version is

the username of the test member is Daniel and the password is 12345678
and the admin link is

Admin username is admin and admin password is 12345678

What is good here?

the system allows the admin to publish easily the content with pictures

the system allows the admin to change the currency

the system allows the user to submit easily advertisements based on the credits given to him by the admin and many other features, very well mobile friendly. This is the top version of the demo 9.

Note: demo 18 is a MLM Matrix system with 2 stages of multiple matrix plans.

Demo 19-  Complete Investment SYSTEM ( Central bank )

This investment program is new, the admin will be able to set up every thing in the admin area, investment plans, change of template, content and every thing
Admin username is

Password is 12345678

20- We provide also unilvel MLM plan | Lottery Software | Market place websites | Hospital management website | School management website and many more

21- Binary MLM System

Please, visit the demo link to read HOW IT WORKS

Demo not available for now

22- Fast Investment Plan with crypto currencies

Admin username is and password is vestmin123 and the link is

Referral link is


This is a complete ROI and FIXED investment program. The admin can do every thing in the admin. Check it by yourself

ADMIN link is and username is and password is admin

24- Powerful customized PH and GH with Stages

Admin username is SuperAdmin and Password is 123456

member username: test1 and password is 123456

How it works?


if you register then you pay R250, you are on stage 1.

You introduce 2 people and the system will automatically place 6 people under your network, then you qualify to enter stage 2 in the following conditions:

You will get R2000 from 8 peoples then you pay R250 to rejoin stage 1.

You pay R1000 to the upliner on stage 2, then you enter stage 2.

Your profit will be R750 for stage 1.

On stage 2, you will get 1000 by 8 Peoples and then you will pay R3000 from R8000 to upgrade stage 3 so you will have R5000 profit.

On Stage 3 , you will get R3000 from 8 peoples and you will pay R9000 to upgrade on stage 4
and you will get profit R15000

On stage 4, you will get R9000 from 8 peoples

so Total earn: 750+5000+15000+72000=R92750

25 – Uni Level MLM Shop


TEST USER ( usernane is Sponsor1 and password is 12345678 )

user account Link


Username is Daniel and password is GZEV025mTx&fED8w

Please, visit the sample website

Please, contact us for videos ( WhatsApp +27627916167 )