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List of Danielweb MLM Demo

Note: some demos are still under configuration, please, contact us to send you the main features for each software. The content, the design, the color theme can be changed on demand.

Some features in the demo may not be operational for the security reasons. But all the features will be active on the client ‘ s website.

Feel free to contact us if you want to desire is not on this list, we will get what you want or customize the software for you.

 1- Peer to Peer Investment Plans with auto and manual merge 

Admin URL

Username is admin1password is pass

3- 2 by 2 Matrix MLM System up to 8 stages with incentives
Admin link

username is admin and password is admin 
Member login link is

Username is testmember and password is janvier

Request videos for demonstration and a sample compensation plan.This is a complete Matrix system with automatic incentives and many bonuses, it comes with a front page website. 

4- 2 by 2 Matrix MLM System up to 6 stages with incentives
Admin link username is admin and password is admin
Member login link:

username is testmember and password is janvier 
Request videos for demonstration and a sample compensation plan.

This is a complete Matrix system with automatic incentives and many bonuses, it comes with a front page website.

5-  Peer to Peer Investment system

Earn from two downliners which will be placed automatically under you. Join, pay and earn 100% interest from your investment. The system will place automatically a Feeder under you. Automatic and manual matching or merging.

Admin login username is admin Password is z0fnc9
Member login username is testuser and password is ty4uy6

click on login to access dashboard. 

6- Investment plan

Invest and earn interest automatically uploaded  on the sub domain 

supply Email:   and password: test123 for user. While the admin dashboard is Email  and password is test123

Member login

username is Daniel and password is janvier
Join, select the package with interest rate and the system will merge you with the beneficiary, 2- Peer to Peer with upgrade 2 by 2 Matrix up to six levels 

Admin username is SuperAdmin

and password is 123456789Join, pay your upliner, introduce two people and move to the next stage

You may see it also here 

7- Point and PV MLM Reward Program  

8- More MLM Software  9- Matrix Multi Functions

With this software we can configure multiple mlm plans to fit to your plan.
Username is admin and Password is janvier

10-  Investment plan peer to peer with admin fee.

The company benefit is the admin fee. You invest and earn interest until you reach the maturity date, you have to pay the management fee before the system can place you in the list of beneficiaries then you will be merged.

Note: we are still uploading the demo, you may request the main features in the mean time.

11- Other software

We have many other software such as:auction software on request,school software

classified software for website directories

12- New investment script

Admin username:

password:  12345678
or get it here 

Admin username:
password:  12345678
Member loginusername:

password is 12345678

13- Investment Script

Buy Coins and Sell Coins and earn interests.

This is a peer to peer Auctions website with a powerful MLM Network. The script has many features including sms notifications

pass= 12345678
Root member login

password is 12345678

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