24- Powerful customized PH and GH with Stages


Admin username is SuperAdmin and Password is 123456

member username: test1 and password is 123456

How it works?

all registrations fall into the same pool.

you join, you pay R250 to the one on top and you enter level 1 and the system puts 6 people under you, you have to introduce 2 direct downliners and then you are eligible to enter level 2. before you enter level 2, you have to pay R250 to a person on level 1 and R1000 to a person on level 2, then you enter level 2. On level 2, you will have 8 people to pay you, you pay an amount to the one on level 3 and you enter level 3,,,,,,, until you exit on level 4


if you register then you pay R250, you are on stage 1.

You introduce 2 people and the system will automatically place 6 people under your network, then you qualify to enter stage 2 in the following conditions:

You will get R2000 from 8 peoples then you pay R250 to rejoin stage 1.

You pay R1000 to the upliner on stage 2, then you enter stage 2.

Your profit will be R750 for stage 1.

On stage 2, you will get 1000 by 8 Peoples and then you will pay R3000 from R8000 to upgrade stage 3 so you will have R5000 profit.

On Stage 3 , you will get R3000 from 8 peoples and you will pay R9000 to upgrade on stage 4
and you will get profit R15000

On stage 4, you will get R9000 from 8 peoples

so Total earn: 750+5000+15000+72000=R92750

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