Uni Level MLM Shop is a complete mlm software which works with Woocommerce. The software has all the proven marketing strategies to sell your products.

Everyone can buy from your shop without being a mlm affiliate, how ever, depending on your needs, users can become mlm affiliates for free or you may oblige them to buy a starter package in order to become mlm affiliates.

If you oblige people to buy a starter package for them to become mlm affiliates, a non affiliate will not be able to access the affiliate dashboard. The admin can protect pages or documents which will be only for mlm affiliates.

The affiliate program is simple up to 5 stages, please, check the example of the compensation plan here, it is just an example, your plan will have your own figures.


TEST USER ( usernane is Sponsor1 and password is 12345678 )

user account Link https://danfateportfolio.co.za/shop/my-account/

ADMIN LINK: https://danfateportfolio.co.za/shop/wp-admin/

Username is Daniel and password is GZEV025mTx&fED8w

Please, visit the sample website https://danfateportfolio.co.za/shop/

NOTE: Some admin features are disable for security reasons

The main features of the software for the admin:

1- Works with Woocommerce shop

2- The admin can add user

3- The admin can view sales commissions and all types of earnings

4- The admin can mark pay the sales commissions

5- The admin can configure a promotion to motivate sales

6- The admin can place a new user under a sponsor

7- The admin can view the mlm network of the user

8- The admin can manually update the earnings

9- The admin approves manually orders or order are automatically approved depending on the payment gateway you will use

10- Users will see your company banking details on the checkout page

11- Many other features can be added

12- The admin can update pages

13- The admin will be able to add products

14- The admin can also use point volume in order to give also points to users per product

The main features of the software for the users

1- The user will access the account page and the affiliate page

2- The user may not access the affiliate page if you want them to buy the starter kit or a joining product, they must buy the starter page first before accessing the affiliate page

3- The affiliate use can view his downliners and all his earnings

4- Earnings may not be rewared if the user does not fulfill the requirements ( monthly personal minimum purchase )

5- Earnings are forfeited automatically if the monthly personnal minimum purchase is not made

6- The user can manually add or register his own users ( in case he has users who dont know how to register ), users will be placed automatically under him.

7- The user will have his own affiliate link

8- The user can make use of points during checkout

9- The user can view his orders, his commissions and his downliners per level network…

10 – The user will earn sales commissions and level bonus per stage

11- The user will view the promotions displayed by the admin

The user will be able to read the promotion results, the list of successful users in each promotion


View the sample here: https://danfateportfolio.co.za/shop/how-it-works/